Zynius is the trending metal can for ZYN pouches. Handcrafted, duel compartment, waterproof and a selection of 8 colors.

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Zynius Metal Can Unboxing!

Ditch The Plastic!

Zynius metal cans trump plastic for zyns/snuses. Recyclable, better protection, lightweight. Ideal combo of sustainability, quality, and convenience.

zyn metal can

The Breakdown Of Zynius Metal Cans

Zynius Snus Metal Cans, crafted from high-end aluminum for durability and style. With dual compartments, including a top one for easy disposal of used snus or Zyns, and a main compartment capable of holding up to 30 portions.

zyn metal can

Zynius ZYN Metal Can

Built With Care

Zynius Snus is meticulously crafted for safety and reliability, ensuring each can delivers a premium experience with care and precision.

zyn metal can

Zynius ZYN Metal Can

Unique Colors

Zynius Snus features a variety of unique colors, ensuring each can has its own distinct look, adding style to your snus experience.

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zyn metal can

Zynius ZYN Metal Can


The black color option is the top pick for Zynius Snus fans, loved for its timeless and sophisticated appeal.

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  • Why buy a zynius?

    Zynius Zyn Metal cans have duel compartment, are made of high-end aluminum alloy that lasts forever and comes in 8 colors with a laser print logo!

  • How Fast Is shipping?

    We ship your Zynius metal can the same day you purchase it unless its a holiday or weekend. If you choose standarn shipping it will take 3-5 days. If you choose express shipping 1-3.

  • Can't I just buy a zyn metal can from amazon?

    Yes, but believe it or not... we are cheaper and use better material since we are in-house manufacturers. You're getting the best deal and quality or your money back.

  • My order did not deliver..

    We send out your Zynius metal can the next business day after you purchase it with tracking. In the rare occasion that you do not receive it, we will send you another one OR refund your order.

  • I got the wrong color

    This is rare. We make sure all Zynius metal cans that are sent are exactly what you ordered. If we do send you the wrong color by mistake, you can keep that one and we will send you the correct color ON US.

  • Can I only buy zynius on your website?

    Zynius Metal cans are sold on zynius.com , Amazon & Etsy. If you feel more comfterable buying one from Amazon or Etsy, links will be below.